About Me

In the summer before my junior year in college, I had the opportunity to work with children at a summer camp and realized that my future would be as an educator. I changed my major and selected a whole new set of classes. That summer I came to the realization that I wanted to follow in the footsteps and give back the same way that my teachers and coaches at Arcata High had done for me.


I obtained my teaching credential and a masters degree in education at the Stanford Teacher Education Program in 1991 and After teaching in the bay area for four years at the middle school level, I returned to Humboldt when I took a teaching position at Eureka High School. During my 18 years at EHS, I taught history, advised student government, coached wrestling, and worked together with Jennifer Johnson to direct the Eureka Academy for Service Learning with Technology (EAST). Over the course of 11 years, the student-led service-learning projects in EAST earned national acclaim, and our students presented across the country about this model program.


In 2012, I became an administrator and took on the role of Assistant Principal at Zane Middle School. In three years in the role, Zane became a STEAM magnet school and grew dramatically in reputation and numbers.


In the spring of 2016, I had the good fortune to have been selected to become the principal of Six Rivers Charter High School and thus returned to the same campus I walked as a high school student. Six Rivers is indeed an incredible place filled with excellent teachers and passionate students.  In fact, it is notable that over the past four years three teachers have been honored with "Excellence in Teaching" awards at the county level and our Title 1 Math Aide was an employee of the year.  I am proud of the progress we have made as a school and how we have weathered the challenges of COVID. 


Six Rivers is indeed a special place and I like to remind people, "It is good to be a Pirate."


Open lines of communication are key to the health of our school community. If you would like to contact me with a question or some feedback, email me at [email protected].




October Board Meeting Update

Six Rivers Update

School Board Meeting October 13th, 2020

Six Rivers teachers and students have finally arrived at a point where a dependable pattern for instruction has developed. Nevertheless, through feedback from students and parents, we continue to refine our approach in order to develop systems that best serve students. In that vein, important developments and activities that have taken place since our last board meeting to enhance our learning community. These include:

  • Six Rivers students now meet with their “0” block teacher for a “check-in” each Wednesday morning. During a typical year, the “0” block serves as the homeroom class. The “check-in” on Wednesday includes time to assess the needs of students beyond academics progress. Roll is now taken only during that block. For the remainder of the day students and teachers now have the option to connect in office hours and individual meetings as needed or work on assigned tasks. Both students and teachers have stated that this change is a vast improvement.

  • This Wednesday, October 14th, Six Rivers will host its traditional First Term Assembly. Because building community and student-voice are important to the teachers and staff at Six Rivers and term assemblies are an important part of that effort The assembly will be highlighted by student announcements from student leadership (Pirate Council), Journalism, and recognition of students who have exemplified school norms during the first term. Six Rivers believes in recognizing the traits we hope to foster and the students selected of the first term exemplify its norms.
  • The end of the first term marks a significant chance to examine our progress. On Wednesday teachers will be looking at D and F lists and Admin will be looking closely at attendance. Interventions including parent calls, emails, and student-led conferences will take place in an attempt to help students acquire the tools to navigate distance learning.

  • In order to prepare students for the inevitability of future earthquakes, Six Rivers students will take place in the Great American Shakeout on October. 15.

  • Over the next week, two additional tutors from Cal-SOAP will be put in place in period 3rd, 5th and 6th-period study skills classes. These two young men both have an extensive background in math and science and one aims to become a teacher.  With two teachers, a special-education aide, and the Cal-Soap teachers there are at least 4 teaching adults in mainstream study skills classes thus ensuring that the student-to-teacher ratio is less than 7 to 1.

  • On October 1st a Freshman Parent Meeting was held to answer questions, connect freshman parents and students, and collect feedback.

  • Back to School Night will take place at 6 pm on October 14th and will include opportunities to meet with each of a student's teachers as well as Administration.

  • On October 21st a Senior Parent Night will be held for the dissemination of information regarding college and career options. Taking part will be representatives from College and Career Center, TRIO, Cal-SOAP, and Education at Work.  

Finally,  at a recent Parent Advisory Committee meeting input provided during a discussion of the LCAP goals included some important points that were made with passion. Among them were: the hope that soon a more clearly delineated set of metrics and a potential timeline will be shared for a return to in-person instruction. I applaud the district’s effort to value the health and well-being of teachers and students while simultaneously gathering data to provide potential responses to these requests and the willingness to discuss it at an upcoming meeting.

PAC Meeting Thursday

This Thursday, October 8th, we will hold our second Parent Advisory Committee meeting or the year at 5:30. This is a public meeting where input and discussion of the progress of Six Rivers towards our learning goals. To be added to the list of a Zoom link please contact Mr. Perry.

Six Rivers Update: April 5th Update

Six Rivers Students and parents
I wish you all the very best. I miss seeing you all each day and hope that you are doing well.
On Friday, Superintendent Macdonald released a statement that provided clarification on many aspects of the way forward for the district in light of the current crisis. Because of the danger presented by this pandemic, Northern Humboldt will follow the governor's recommendation to close our campuses and utilize distance learning for the remainder of the year.  I have attached the release for you to review if you missed it. 
At this time, I want to assure you all of a few things.
  • The staff of Six Rivers is dedicated to doing our utmost to provide quality learning experiences for students. As always, If you have questions or need technology or support to access the curriculum, I am here to help. Please call if a student is in need of technology to access the curriculum.
  • The challenges of transitioning to distance learning have presented difficulties for each and every one of us. Every care will be taken to reach out to students to address their individual needs and to factor these elements into future assignments and grading policies.
  • Six Rivers is going to work hard to devise safe alternatives to the key traditions impacted by this closure. Six Rivers is always gathering input from students and parents, and over the course of the next several weeks, meetings will be held to hear ideas. Considering the pace at which things keep changing, we will not rush to solutions but, then again, it is not too soon for me to listen and gather input.  To this end, I will host a virtual meeting for senior students and parents on Thursday.
The expectation is that at this point students are engaging in the lessons provided by teachers. If you or your child is struggling to gain access to the learning or complete the lessons please notify me. 
I would like to emphasize that all students are invited to take part in virtual class meetings and office hours. Office hours for Dr. Morago, Ms. Zapper, and Mrs. Ralulu have featured lively conversations where students are gathering virtually as a community. Other teachers and Mr. Giddis have hours where you and friends can arrange for a meeting.  Discussing learning while catching up with friends is not only important for academics but for staying connected to our community.  I encourage you all to take part. I have attached a copy of the office hours to this email.  In addition, consider utilizing virtual tools to gather with friends to catch up and socialize or perhaps even playing a game. 
Finally, as Superintendent Macdonald reminded us, the week of April 13-17 will be Spring Break. During this time staff and students will enjoy a well earned time to focus entirely on their families and rest.
I appreciate the creativity and ingenuity of the Six Rivers staff and the resiliency of our students.  
All my best. 
Ron Perry
Six Rivers Charter High School

Six Rivers Student Board Representative Report

Each month, Emma Scott, Six Rivers' student representative provides a report to the school board detailing goings on from a student's perspective. Below is her report for the month of January.

Six Rivers Student Representative Report

Northern Humboldt Union School District Board 

January 14, 2020

Past Events and Accomplishments

  • Hunger Fighter Challenge: During the entire month of November and part of December the Six Rivers community crushed the Hunger Fighter Challenge through Food For People. All together the school raised $1,384 and 732lbs of food!The seniors brought in 161lbs of food and $236, the juniors brought in 224lbs of food and $51.10, the sophomores brought in 64lbs of food and $974, and the freshmen brought in 283lbs of food and $123.5! The competitiveness between the classes is the reason why this event was so successful. The sophomore class with Mr. Kitchen had the amazing idea to collect money online through a website that makes the money go straight to Food For People. Without that money, we wouldn’t have come close to beating our goal! To keep track of the amount of how much food and money is collected each year, we go by a point system. Two points for every dollar and one point for every pound. The old grand total of points was 3,089 points and the NEW grand total is 3,501.2 points.The reward for the school, besides the good feeling of giving, is a school-wide trip to the movies AND the teachers get to do whacky things. Good job Six Rivers!

  • Then and Now Historical Calendar: The Historical Calendar sales have already reached the point where every calendar sold is all profit. They are for sale at several local businesses and from Six Rivers Students. Additionally, all of the money earned from calendar sales by juniors will be used as funds for the Junior College Trip in April.

  • Winter’s Eve Feast: On December 13th, the biggest fundraiser for Six Rivers took place: the Winter’s Eve Feast. Put on by the senior class with help from culinary students and journalism, the entire event was produced by students from all classes at Six Rivers. From planning, set up, entertainment, and execution, the students were widely involved and the event was a great success. Dinner was the star of the show, with two types of crostinis for the appetizer, mushroom risotto with a short rib or broccoli rabe for dinner, and bread pudding for dessert. At the silent auction there were several items available and everything sold! The silent auction alone brought in a huge portion of the funds raised from the event. In addition, all of the entertainment was student produced! With live violin performances from Fiona Seibert and Ian Shermer, the event had an added ambiance. Overall the event was an amazing accomplishment for the senior class and Six Rivers.

Upcoming and Ongoing  Events

  • PAC Meeting: The next Parent Advisory Council meeting is on February 6th. It is an open meeting and board members are invited to attend.

  • Six Rivers Basketball: Practices for the Six Rivers Basketball team (through the Coast League) have begun three days a week during lunch and games will take place nearly every Friday beginning on January 10th at College of the Redwoods.

  • Advisory/Term Assembly: The next Advisory and Term Assembly will take place on January 16th in the FAB. The event will be a recap and look at the entire semester in addition to Term 3. This is a community-building event in which the accomplishments of students are recognized and school-wide efforts are announced.  In addition, each Term Assembly features a focus on the Six Rivers school norms by recognizing Students of the Term. Honor Roll awards will be given to students as well. Board members are welcome to come to this event.
  • 8th Grade Outreach: Last week, groups of students from Six Rivers visited feeder schools in our community to reach out to 8th graders and give them information on our school the first week back from the k in January. There will also be Parent Information Nights on January 15th and 22nd and the “I Want to Be a Pirate Day” is on the 27th of January. If need be, the lottery for new students will also be held on February 6th. 

  • Pirate Council: Currently, Pirate Council is working on planning for a Bake Sale taking place on January 25th as well as creating a more accepting environment with our school using our equity representative. The Council is very excited to become more inclusive for all students, celebrate holidays to recognize and appreciate every student and make everyone feel more accepted as a whole.

Six Rivers Update: December Activities - Feast, Fundraisers, Finals -Fighter Challenge and More

12/1/19Six Rivers Parents:
With just three weeks left in the semester, it is our hope that all of our Six Rivers students finish strong. I encourage all of you to check in with your students about their progress in the classroom and make a plan on how to make the most of the final days of the semester.  First semester finals will take place from December 18 to the 20th. Please remember that there will be minimum days during finals. While lunch will be served and buses with transport students, students will be dismissed at 12:40. Beyond the classroom, there is a lot going on. Here is a brief summary:
The Winter's Eve Feast is set for December 13th! Tickets are on sale from senior students or by calling Darlene and reserving your spots. A gourmet three-course dinner prepared by Six Rivers' very own culinary students and the traditional silent auction. Mark your calendars and secure your tickets. With only 120 seats, tickets typically sell out quickly.
The traditional Senior Class Silent Auction will take place at The Winter's Eve Feast. The auction has historically featured scores of items donated by local businesses and individuals. Because it will take place on December 13th, this will be a great opportunity to secure a holiday gift.  Six Rivers' seniors have begun the effort to canvas local business in the hopes of securing treasures for this event. If you are interested in supporting this effort or would like to contribute a handmade item, please contact me and I will connect you with Em Boyle who is planning this event for the senior class. Remember, all proceeds benefit our Senior Class Trip. Thank you all for your support.
The Six Rivers Historical Calendar is for sale in the Six Rivers office and at partner businesses in our community including McKinleyville ACE, Pierson's Building Center, SunnyBrea ACE, Coast Central Credit Union Branches, A&L Feed, and soon they will also be a Wildberries! At just $5 they make a great gift. This student production is a prime example of the service-learning completed in the Senior Project class. Profits from this project will fund the senior class trip. 
The Hunger Fighter Challenge, Six Rivers school-wide effort to benefit those hungry people in our community will end on December 19th. The class competition is close and school pride is on the line. As a school, if our community brings in more food and funds that last year, then students will earn a field trip to the Minor Theater for a movie! (See Attached Poster)
A Parent Advisory Meeting (PAC) is scheduled for December 5th at 6 pm. PAC will be reviewing progress toward school goals and providing input for teachers that will be used in crafting the school plan. This is an open meeting and all are welcome to contribute. 
Pirate Council will be holding a pre-finals winter celebration at lunch on December 13th. Students are invited to wear their ugliest sweater event and enjoy some holiday treats at lunch.   This is part of the Council's ongoing effort to build community at Six Rivers. Council is seeking parents willing to share cookies, pies, fruit, and other holiday treats on this day.  
On behalf of the staff at Six Rivers and leaders of the Pirate Parents I would like to share my thanks for the supplies that have been provided for students. Each and every day, students know they can access a snack when they need it and extra school supplies are on hand. I encourage parents to continue to support this effort as the impact has been immeasurable. Other projects that the Pirate Parents are looking for community support for include funding the student testing account that supports students who have a difficult time affording SAT or AP tests, acquiring a few more basketballs and a pump for the Six Rivers team, and gathering volunteers to support teacher appreciation day and testing week. See me if you have questions or come to the next Pirate Parents meeting.
Yes, I know this is a lot to take in. Though we are a small school there seems to a great deal going on all the time. As we navigate this season of giving thanks and celebration, I can't help thinking about how thankful I am to be part of this community.  
If you have any questions or simply would like to chat about your child and Six Rivers, please call.
It is good to be a Pirate.
Ron Perry
Six Rivers Charter High School

Winter's Eve Feast

The Winter's Eve Feast, Six Rivers' traditional gourmet dinner, silent auction, and community gathering will take place on December 13th! Mark your calendars and secure your tickets. With only 120 seats, tickets typically sell out quickly. Get your tickets from members of the senior class or reserve yours by calling Six Rivers.
The traditional Senior Class Silent Auction will take place at The Winter's Eve Feast. The auction has historically featured scores of items donated by local businesses and individuals. Because it will take place on December 13th, this will be a great opportunity to secure a holiday gift.  Six Rivers' seniors have begun the effort to canvas local business in the hopes of securing treasures for this event. If you are interested in supporting this effort or would like to contribute a handmade item, please contact me and I will connect you with Em Boyle who is planning this event for the senior class. Remember, all proceeds benefit our Senior Class Trip. Thank you all for your support.

Six Rivers Update 10/31

Six Rivers:
Next Tuesday, November 5th, the Parent Advisory Committee will meet in room 704 at 6 pm.  The Parent Advisory Committee will be reviewing the Six Rivers' action plans and taking input to help determine the next steps for our school. This is an open meeting and public input is welcome. In addition, at this time there are two voting slots available for a sophomore parent and senior parent. Please consider taking part.
Recently, the Pirate Parents met to plan out the next steps in supporting student activities and events at Six Rivers. Among the elements the Pirate Parents are seeking support for are:
  • The ongoing effort to make school supplies available for Six Rivers students. This includes lined and graph paper, binders, backpacks, and typical school supplies.
  • Parents interested in being available to support the Winter Showcase. This would be to support the seniors when and where they request support. 
  • The ongoing effort to make healthy snacks available for our students. Currently, all classrooms have boxes of items like bars, nuts, and trail, however, supplies are running slow.
  • Parents interested in helping to put on an all-school breakfast in to launch our spring testing week.
  • Parents interested in supporting students this spring during testing. Last year a health snack break was provide provided by parents throughout the testing week.
  • Parents interested in supporting teacher appreciation week and secretaries day in the spring.
If you would like to volunteer or support any of these events, please call me at 825-2015 or send me an email. In addition, we are looking for additional parents to attend the next Pirate Parent meeting which is slated for November 20th. Attendance was small and additional parents are needed to keep this group vital.
Finally, tomorrow will make the end of the second term. Within the next two weeks, you will receive a progress report. With the end of the semester slated before Winter Break, it important to review grades with your child and if needed reach out for support. 
Thanks for all you do,
It is good to be a Pirate.
Ron Perry
Six Rivers Charter High School

Six Rivers Update: TOMORROW: Practice SAT and Six Rivers at Pastels on the Plaza

Six Rivers:
Tomorrow two wonderful Six Rivers events will take place!
  • A practice SAT will be given tomorrow at Six Rivers by our wonderful Talent Search Counselor, Sierra Famer.  Students interested in taking part and learning lessons that will translate to higher scores should be at Six Rivers at 9 am.

  • Six Rivers students will create a masterpiece at Pastels on the Plaza. Please take a moment to swing by early in the morning to see our students at work! This is a powerful Six Rivers tradition! Thanks to all those who volunteered to be part of the team and Mr. Clewell for leading the way.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We all go on an all-school field trip Monday. In addition, Grades for the first term will be mailed on Monday so expect report cards and a newsletter from Journalism sometime next week.
It is good to be a Pirate!
Ron Perry
Six Rivers Charter High School

Six Rivers Update: End of Term One!

Six Rivers Pirates!
Friday marked the end of the first term. In about a week, you should receive a progress report in the mail. It is important to note that term grades represent a report on the progress of your student at that time. These grades do not appear in the final report card, but they do provide important feedback about student accomplishments and areas where students need to improve. Becoming independent is an essential goal for our students. So please take a moment to ask your student to explain for themselves their own progress in each class this week. Students have access to their grades through StudentVUE and are asked to monitor their progress in their Study Skills classes. Six Rivers teachers strive to work with families to keep students on track, so if you have questions, please send me or their teacher an email. If you are still not able to access ParentVUE to monitor student grades and attendance, please send me an email and I will forward on your activation code. 
On Tuesday, October 1st, a meeting for Junior Class students and parents will be held at 6:00 pm. Sierra Farmer will be on hand to provide important insight regarding SAT tests and steps toward College. In addition, we will begin a discussion regarding the Junior Class College Trip. See you there, class of 2021!
The first meeting of the Parent Advisory Committee is scheduled for this Thursday, October 3rd at 6:00 pm in room 703. This group is critical for reviewing the plans and progress for Six Rivers. We are still seeking a senior parent interested in being part of this group.  This is a public meeting, so if you would like to make a comment or simply want to listen, come to the meeting. 
Photo make-up day is this Thursday, October 3rd. If a student missed out the first time, we ask that they be prepared to get their photo taken on Thursday.   Photo packages can be purchased online or fill out a photo packet. Photos are important for photo IDs and the yearbook. Don't miss out. 

A practice SAT is being offered to Six Rivers students on Saturday, October 5th at 9 am 
by our amazing Talent Search TRiO Counselor Sierra Farmer. Students will take a full timed test. Later Sierra will review the results with students and suggest resources to improve. This is just an outstanding opportunity to prepare this important test.   
The PSAT will be given on campus on October 16th. The cost to take the test is $18. To purchase the exam please go to our district website at http://nhuhsd.3dcartstores.com/AHS-Pupil-Services_c_23.html The deadline to pay is October 11th. If you are taking the exam, please remember to bring pencils, a calculator, extra layers of clothing (the gym is cold) and snacks on exam. This is a great way to prepare for the rigors of the SAT.  
Finally, thanks to all the students and Pirate Parents who volunteered at the Hot Dog fundraiser this weekend! The team raised money to fund student activities put on by Pirate Council! It was a big success.
It is good to be a Pirate!
Ron Perry
Six Rivers Charter High School