Courses Taught: Independent Study PE

Completion of 20 units (2-years) of Physical Education is a graduation requirement. All SRCHS students must complete the first year of Physical Education in a regular classroom-based program. A student may opt to meet the requirement via an Independent Study option if they have met the following conditions:


  1. Successfully complete the classroom-based program.
  2. Passed the California Physical Fitness Program.
  3. Maintaining satisfactory progress toward graduation.


Students opting to participate in the Independent Study Physical Education program at SRCHS will begin by assessing their personal needs, abilities, and interests while experiencing various opportunities in the area of fitness. The student will design a program that should emphasize the physiological, psychological and social benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. Possible areas of study include team sports, aquatics, fitness and/or aerobic programs, dance, and martial arts.
Attached are the forms for 2019-20