Six Rivers Update 10/31

Six Rivers:
Next Tuesday, November 5th, the Parent Advisory Committee will meet in room 704 at 6 pm.  The Parent Advisory Committee will be reviewing the Six Rivers' action plans and taking input to help determine the next steps for our school. This is an open meeting and public input is welcome. In addition, at this time there are two voting slots available for a sophomore parent and senior parent. Please consider taking part.
Recently, the Pirate Parents met to plan out the next steps in supporting student activities and events at Six Rivers. Among the elements the Pirate Parents are seeking support for are:
  • The ongoing effort to make school supplies available for Six Rivers students. This includes lined and graph paper, binders, backpacks, and typical school supplies.
  • Parents interested in being available to support the Winter Showcase. This would be to support the seniors when and where they request support. 
  • The ongoing effort to make healthy snacks available for our students. Currently, all classrooms have boxes of items like bars, nuts, and trail, however, supplies are running slow.
  • Parents interested in helping to put on an all-school breakfast in to launch our spring testing week.
  • Parents interested in supporting students this spring during testing. Last year a health snack break was provide provided by parents throughout the testing week.
  • Parents interested in supporting teacher appreciation week and secretaries day in the spring.
If you would like to volunteer or support any of these events, please call me at 825-2015 or send me an email. In addition, we are looking for additional parents to attend the next Pirate Parent meeting which is slated for November 20th. Attendance was small and additional parents are needed to keep this group vital.
Finally, tomorrow will make the end of the second term. Within the next two weeks, you will receive a progress report. With the end of the semester slated before Winter Break, it important to review grades with your child and if needed reach out for support. 
Thanks for all you do,
It is good to be a Pirate.
Ron Perry
Six Rivers Charter High School