Six Rivers Student Board Representative Report

Each month, Emma Scott, Six Rivers' student representative provides a report to the school board detailing goings on from a student's perspective. Below is her report for the month of January.

Six Rivers Student Representative Report

Northern Humboldt Union School District Board 

January 14, 2020

Past Events and Accomplishments

  • Hunger Fighter Challenge: During the entire month of November and part of December the Six Rivers community crushed the Hunger Fighter Challenge through Food For People. All together the school raised $1,384 and 732lbs of food!The seniors brought in 161lbs of food and $236, the juniors brought in 224lbs of food and $51.10, the sophomores brought in 64lbs of food and $974, and the freshmen brought in 283lbs of food and $123.5! The competitiveness between the classes is the reason why this event was so successful. The sophomore class with Mr. Kitchen had the amazing idea to collect money online through a website that makes the money go straight to Food For People. Without that money, we wouldn’t have come close to beating our goal! To keep track of the amount of how much food and money is collected each year, we go by a point system. Two points for every dollar and one point for every pound. The old grand total of points was 3,089 points and the NEW grand total is 3,501.2 points.The reward for the school, besides the good feeling of giving, is a school-wide trip to the movies AND the teachers get to do whacky things. Good job Six Rivers!

  • Then and Now Historical Calendar: The Historical Calendar sales have already reached the point where every calendar sold is all profit. They are for sale at several local businesses and from Six Rivers Students. Additionally, all of the money earned from calendar sales by juniors will be used as funds for the Junior College Trip in April.

  • Winter’s Eve Feast: On December 13th, the biggest fundraiser for Six Rivers took place: the Winter’s Eve Feast. Put on by the senior class with help from culinary students and journalism, the entire event was produced by students from all classes at Six Rivers. From planning, set up, entertainment, and execution, the students were widely involved and the event was a great success. Dinner was the star of the show, with two types of crostinis for the appetizer, mushroom risotto with a short rib or broccoli rabe for dinner, and bread pudding for dessert. At the silent auction there were several items available and everything sold! The silent auction alone brought in a huge portion of the funds raised from the event. In addition, all of the entertainment was student produced! With live violin performances from Fiona Seibert and Ian Shermer, the event had an added ambiance. Overall the event was an amazing accomplishment for the senior class and Six Rivers.

Upcoming and Ongoing  Events

  • PAC Meeting: The next Parent Advisory Council meeting is on February 6th. It is an open meeting and board members are invited to attend.

  • Six Rivers Basketball: Practices for the Six Rivers Basketball team (through the Coast League) have begun three days a week during lunch and games will take place nearly every Friday beginning on January 10th at College of the Redwoods.

  • Advisory/Term Assembly: The next Advisory and Term Assembly will take place on January 16th in the FAB. The event will be a recap and look at the entire semester in addition to Term 3. This is a community-building event in which the accomplishments of students are recognized and school-wide efforts are announced.  In addition, each Term Assembly features a focus on the Six Rivers school norms by recognizing Students of the Term. Honor Roll awards will be given to students as well. Board members are welcome to come to this event.
  • 8th Grade Outreach: Last week, groups of students from Six Rivers visited feeder schools in our community to reach out to 8th graders and give them information on our school the first week back from the k in January. There will also be Parent Information Nights on January 15th and 22nd and the “I Want to Be a Pirate Day” is on the 27th of January. If need be, the lottery for new students will also be held on February 6th. 

  • Pirate Council: Currently, Pirate Council is working on planning for a Bake Sale taking place on January 25th as well as creating a more accepting environment with our school using our equity representative. The Council is very excited to become more inclusive for all students, celebrate holidays to recognize and appreciate every student and make everyone feel more accepted as a whole.