Six Rivers Update: April 5th Update

Six Rivers Students and parents
I wish you all the very best. I miss seeing you all each day and hope that you are doing well.
On Friday, Superintendent Macdonald released a statement that provided clarification on many aspects of the way forward for the district in light of the current crisis. Because of the danger presented by this pandemic, Northern Humboldt will follow the governor's recommendation to close our campuses and utilize distance learning for the remainder of the year.  I have attached the release for you to review if you missed it. 
At this time, I want to assure you all of a few things.
  • The staff of Six Rivers is dedicated to doing our utmost to provide quality learning experiences for students. As always, If you have questions or need technology or support to access the curriculum, I am here to help. Please call if a student is in need of technology to access the curriculum.
  • The challenges of transitioning to distance learning have presented difficulties for each and every one of us. Every care will be taken to reach out to students to address their individual needs and to factor these elements into future assignments and grading policies.
  • Six Rivers is going to work hard to devise safe alternatives to the key traditions impacted by this closure. Six Rivers is always gathering input from students and parents, and over the course of the next several weeks, meetings will be held to hear ideas. Considering the pace at which things keep changing, we will not rush to solutions but, then again, it is not too soon for me to listen and gather input.  To this end, I will host a virtual meeting for senior students and parents on Thursday.
The expectation is that at this point students are engaging in the lessons provided by teachers. If you or your child is struggling to gain access to the learning or complete the lessons please notify me. 
I would like to emphasize that all students are invited to take part in virtual class meetings and office hours. Office hours for Dr. Morago, Ms. Zapper, and Mrs. Ralulu have featured lively conversations where students are gathering virtually as a community. Other teachers and Mr. Giddis have hours where you and friends can arrange for a meeting.  Discussing learning while catching up with friends is not only important for academics but for staying connected to our community.  I encourage you all to take part. I have attached a copy of the office hours to this email.  In addition, consider utilizing virtual tools to gather with friends to catch up and socialize or perhaps even playing a game. 
Finally, as Superintendent Macdonald reminded us, the week of April 13-17 will be Spring Break. During this time staff and students will enjoy a well earned time to focus entirely on their families and rest.
I appreciate the creativity and ingenuity of the Six Rivers staff and the resiliency of our students.  
All my best. 
Ron Perry
Six Rivers Charter High School