October Board Meeting Update

Six Rivers Update

School Board Meeting October 13th, 2020

Six Rivers teachers and students have finally arrived at a point where a dependable pattern for instruction has developed. Nevertheless, through feedback from students and parents, we continue to refine our approach in order to develop systems that best serve students. In that vein, important developments and activities that have taken place since our last board meeting to enhance our learning community. These include:

  • Six Rivers students now meet with their “0” block teacher for a “check-in” each Wednesday morning. During a typical year, the “0” block serves as the homeroom class. The “check-in” on Wednesday includes time to assess the needs of students beyond academics progress. Roll is now taken only during that block. For the remainder of the day students and teachers now have the option to connect in office hours and individual meetings as needed or work on assigned tasks. Both students and teachers have stated that this change is a vast improvement.

  • This Wednesday, October 14th, Six Rivers will host its traditional First Term Assembly. Because building community and student-voice are important to the teachers and staff at Six Rivers and term assemblies are an important part of that effort The assembly will be highlighted by student announcements from student leadership (Pirate Council), Journalism, and recognition of students who have exemplified school norms during the first term. Six Rivers believes in recognizing the traits we hope to foster and the students selected of the first term exemplify its norms.
  • The end of the first term marks a significant chance to examine our progress. On Wednesday teachers will be looking at D and F lists and Admin will be looking closely at attendance. Interventions including parent calls, emails, and student-led conferences will take place in an attempt to help students acquire the tools to navigate distance learning.

  • In order to prepare students for the inevitability of future earthquakes, Six Rivers students will take place in the Great American Shakeout on October. 15.

  • Over the next week, two additional tutors from Cal-SOAP will be put in place in period 3rd, 5th and 6th-period study skills classes. These two young men both have an extensive background in math and science and one aims to become a teacher.  With two teachers, a special-education aide, and the Cal-Soap teachers there are at least 4 teaching adults in mainstream study skills classes thus ensuring that the student-to-teacher ratio is less than 7 to 1.

  • On October 1st a Freshman Parent Meeting was held to answer questions, connect freshman parents and students, and collect feedback.

  • Back to School Night will take place at 6 pm on October 14th and will include opportunities to meet with each of a student's teachers as well as Administration.

  • On October 21st a Senior Parent Night will be held for the dissemination of information regarding college and career options. Taking part will be representatives from College and Career Center, TRIO, Cal-SOAP, and Education at Work.  

Finally,  at a recent Parent Advisory Committee meeting input provided during a discussion of the LCAP goals included some important points that were made with passion. Among them were: the hope that soon a more clearly delineated set of metrics and a potential timeline will be shared for a return to in-person instruction. I applaud the district’s effort to value the health and well-being of teachers and students while simultaneously gathering data to provide potential responses to these requests and the willingness to discuss it at an upcoming meeting.