Six Rivers Graduation: Awarding of Diplomas

Six Rivers Graduation: Awarding of Diplomas
6/10/2020, 2:00 PM 3:00 PM

June 10th: The Awarding Diplomas (2:00)



Remember, our first priority is safety. To this end, all rules for social distancing and safe behavior will be in effect. 

Graduates will arrive in cars to the main AHS parking lot and take their place in the space reserved for them around the perimeter by 1:45. A chair will mark the place for each graduate and have their name on it.  Students will be arranged in alphabetical order. Prior to the ceremony students will receive a swag bag of goodies courtesy of Safe and Sober.


Tune into 87.7 to listen to the announcement of names. In addition, there will be a loudspeaker. While in the parking lot for the awarding of diplomas remain in car at all times. 

Once the event begins, students will proceed to a first speed bump where the student will then exit the car, collect their diploma, and then be picked up on the other side of the stage. Please do not proceed in front of the stage until your child has begun their descent on the opposite side of the stage. When the car in front of you moves forward proceed forward one spot.


Then the next graduate will follow the pattern. The newly minted graduates will then take their place at the end of the line. When our first graduate finds themself once again at the head of the line, a signal will be given for the class the exit the parking lot together and follow the fire engine. As a community, we will proceed through town and below the banner on the plaza and then go our separate ways to celebrate with the family you have been sheltering with during this crisis. 

Online, the party will continue as images, shout outs, and tributes will continue on social media.

Note, no one is permitted to exit their cars with the exception of the graduate during this ceremony.  Tina’s Photography will be there to capture images and images and video can be captured from vehicles without exiting. 

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