Community Partners

Building a Creative Interdependent Community

The Six Rivers Vision emphasizes the goal of fostering a community of interdependent learners who demonstrate creativity and collaboration. Likewise, the Six Rivers realizes its place in the larger Humboldt County community and the fact that we will be stronger through partnerships with businesses, professionals, and experts. This page recognizes and celebrates those who have stepped forward to support the students of Six Rivers

Six Rivers Charter High School 
Outstanding Student Rewards
Redwood Yogurt
Six Rivers thanks Los Bagels, Redwood Yogurt, and Arcata Scoop, for donating prizes for our weekly student recognition program. At Six Rivers teachers and staff can recognize students who are simply doing the right thing and clearly are meeting the elements of the Pirate Code in class with a Pirate Buck. Those bucks are placed in a chest and each week the Pirate Council holds a drawing where two or three are selected. Students can win a small yogurt, a Bagel and Cream Cheese from Los Bagels, or a single scoop cone from Arcata Scoop. Six Rivers appreciates the support of Redwood Yogurt, Los Bagels, and Arcata Scoop.