School wide norms and vision

Six Rivers Charter High School Vision statement This mission statement was crafted collaboratively by students, teachers and parents and lies at the heart of our school accreditation plan and our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). The mission is driven by Six Rivers’ emphasis on the High C’s: communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and community. With this in mind, Six Rivers actively seeks the input of students through our Pirate Council and Parents through the Parent Advisory Committee.

Pirate Code


The Pirate Code serves as a guide for student behavior and choices. It challenges students to:

  • Plan ahead, consider the challenges, and thoughtfully move forward by "Charting" their "Course".
  • Just as sailors had to "Pull together" to effectively raise their sails, the Pirate Code reminds students that we can accomplish more if we respect one another and collaborate effectively.
  • Pull Their Weight by meeting their responsibility. This is an invitation for each student to do their part each and every day as they strive to achieve to their potential.

Six Rivers emphasizes educating the whole student and helping students learn the professional skills that are essential to success beyond high school.