Parent Advisory Committee

The Parent Advisory Committee at Six Rivers Charter High School is made up of four parents, one student, one teacher, and one administrator. The purpose of the Parent Advisory Committee is to provide the school feedback and act as an "advisory board", the PAC will also be used to help make financial decisions for the school when necessary for one time monies as well as Title I funds. PAC is an important part of the LCAP and WASC processes. The Parent Advisory Committee meets once a month throughout the school year, times, dates and agendas will be posted here. If anyone has any questions about PAC please contact Jen Coleman.
PAC Members
  • Jen Coleman
  • Willow Talbott
  • Josh Hurst
  • Robin John
  • Alice Finen
  • Jenn Tarlton
  • Amy Brodkorb
  • Melanie Zapper
  • Sandra Levinson