March 24th Parent Update: Journalism and Pirate Council Requests

March 24th, 2020
Six Rivers Community:
Once again, I hope you are all well. Please continue to follow the directions of health professionals to keep you and your family safe. 
I am proud of the level of commitment and involvement by the students at Six Rivers. Evidence of this is seen in the following important announcements crafted by Fiona Seibert for Journalism and Pirate Council.
Journalism is hard at work making sure that the yearbook will still be completed this year. As the Editor in Chief, I am currently trying to make sure that we will have enough photos to fill this wonderful publication. I am looking for any photos people may have of school events or Six Rivers students in general from the rest of this school year. If you have any photos please send them to my email, Thank you!
Pirate council will be holding a meeting on Wednesday, April 1, at 2:30 pm. All students are welcome to participate. This meeting will be an open discussion of how the switch to online school is going, and students are welcome to discuss concerns and needs. We will also be brainstorming ways to help support our community and pull together while out of school. Hope to see you there!
We have now completed two days of distance learning. It is my hope that all Six Rivers students are learning and are engaged. Today I spent my day supporting students and working with staff as they work to build an approach that works for our students. Once again, I encourage you all to reply with questions.
Finally, I hope you have had a chance to see the "Jokes of the Day" that have been submitted to our social media. Tomorrow will feature two alumni who noticed and decided to send a message of their own. Also, If you have a fact of the day or "This Day in History" please send it to my email.
Thanks to all those who are working so hard to keep the learning community moving forward.
Ron Perry
Six Rivers Charter High School