Yearbooks! You can still order yours today!

Hello Six Rivers Students and Families,
    The 2019-2020 Yearbook will be completed on Monday and is now available to pre-order!  If you pre-ordered a yearbook with Darlene during the school year, look for a personal email from Ms. Froloff about delivery.  
    If you didn't order one yet, it's not too late!  Here are a few things you should know...
  • We have created a 68 page full-color yearbook!
  • This year's book includes GRADUATION PHOTOS! 
  • You can choose to order Softcover ($35) or Hardcover ($45)
  • You can choose to *purchase* a FREE digital yearbook 
  • Order books online at
  • All online orders will be sent to your house! 
  • Previous yearbooks are also available at reduced price
Please email Ms. Froloff with questions or concerns.  Happy Summer and congratulations to the Journalism Class for completing a beautiful yearbook against all odds! 
** Note** 
We have done our best to include all students and have equity of representation in the book.  That being said, with the shortened school year, we might not have gotten everyone represented in candids as much as we usually do.  We apologize for this.  Please talk to Ms. Froloff should you have any questions or concerns.
Meghan Froloff
Six Rivers Charter High School
1720 M Street
Arcata, CA 95521
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