Six Rivers Update: Six Rivers Calendar Project Seeks Supporters

Six Rivers Community:
Despite these challenging times, Six Rivers continues to maintain important traditions that have previously benefitted our students and their families, our staff, and the community. The Historical Calendar has been a vibrant service-learning tradition over the past four years. The project challenges students' historical learning, graphic design knowledge, and business skills while providing a service to our community. The good news is that the Historical Calendar is an element that we can work on during distance learning. We are also excited to announce that we will be moving to glossy paper this year, resulting in crisp high-quality photography for a slightly higher cost. It is our hope that you or someone you know are willing to partner with us for this project and achieve our goal.
Each year, in order to pay for the initial printing costs, organizers reach out to local businesses to support this effort through ads placed in the calendar. Today, on behalf of the student organizers, I am sharing the letter and sponsorship form for this project as attachments in the hopes of fostering additional partnerships. If you or a friend may be interested in supporting this effort please contact me via email.
Thanks in advance. 
Ron Perry
Six Rivers Charter High School