Picture Day Information

Picture Day Information

Pirates! Step On Up and Say “Arrrrrr!”


Who: All Six Rivers Students and Staff

When: Wednesday, November 18th, from 1 - 6 pm 

Where: The Arcata High School Gym

Make Up Day: January 13th

How the day is structured:

  • Our goal is to provide this opportunity in a safe manner and during a time in which students will not miss instruction. In the coming days, students will sign up for a desired 10 minute block of time for their photo. For safety reasons, we are limiting the number of students for any block to 5 at this time. To secure your slot for photos contact Amber at 825-2428 or complete this form https://forms.gle/5fmxN1FDnPPrJtzTA to indicate your preference. Signs and personnel will direct arriving students to the dedicated Six Rivers camera.

How we will keep our students and staff safe while on campus:

  • All students, staff and Picture Day personnel will wear masks at all times (except during the actual time the picture is taken)
  • All students and staff will remain six feet apart while waiting their turn to take their picture
  • All students and staff will enter through one door and exit through a different door to avoid any cross traffic
  • All steps of the picture taking process are contactless
  • All picture orders can be done through the internet and require no paperwork the day of picture day

Two important notes:

  • We ask that parents who will be driving their students to picture day park in the front or back parking lots of AHS and wait in the car for their student(s).
  • Students and Staff will be asked to remove their masks for 10 seconds while their picture is taken, student and staff pictures will not be taken with masks on.

Why should students have their picture taken?

  • Students’ pictures will go into the 2020-21 Yearbook
  • Students’ pictures will be used to create student ID cards
  • Students' pictures will go into our school’s student information system (SIS) and give teachers and staff a visual of your student, especially for our students new to SRCHS who we have not met yet due to distance learning.

Purchasing Student Pictures:  


Please save the date and notify SRCHS of your preferred time slot through the Google Form link above or by contacting Amber by calling 825-2428 or emailing apegg@nohum.k12.ca.us. We also invite you to contact us at 825-2428 or rperry@nohum.k12.ca.us with any questions.