COVID Q & A: What if...? ~ Attendance ~ Reminders

Six Rivers Pirate Community:


A number of questions keep filtering through to me regarding COVID. I would like to take a moment to respond to some of those questions and update the corresponding protocols that are intended to keep us all safe.

Fortunately, we have a great partner in AHS and the District who work together with Public Health to build a network of safety protocols. For example, the AHS administration has taken the lead in testing students and staff. Each morning tests are available from 7:45 and 8:15 outside the office.

On the Arcata campus, there have been a couple of students who have tested positive for COVID this current school year. Whenever there is a positive test we will be communicating to families when their child was in close contact with a positive student. 

Several of the positive cases found in our district were discovered when testing was done outside of the school testing. We are working through our protocols to keep all students safe. The current protocols are:

How is attendance kept during the COVID Crisis? 

  1. If your child(ren) is having any symptoms, even if they do not appear to be COVID-like symptoms, please stay home and contact the office by email or phone call. Students are to check their Google Classroom and email teachers for assistance. Students who have missed school due to illness are expected to take a rapid test upon return to school before returning to class. Plans are being made to have a separate testing station for Six Rivers prior to school.
  2. For students who are between 1 minute to 10 minutes late to class, they are marked tardy. If students know they will be late to class, they are to report to the office, room 703, for a Tardy Slip.
  3. For students who are more than 10 minutes late or miss class, they are marked absent. 
  4. Starting Friday 9/17, an automated call, email, and text will be made at 6 pm every day to families to notify you of this absence. Please email or call (707) 825-2428 to clear the absence that day or the following morning. 
    1. If the absence is not cleared by the second day, another automated call, email, and text will be sent as a reminder. If the absence is not cleared by the third day, the absence will be marked as a “cut.” Students with 5 un-cleared absences will get a Truancy Letter. After three truancy letters, students will be referred to Humboldt County’s Student Attendance Review Board.
  5. You can review your child(ren)’s attendance at any time on ParentVUE. For guidance with this software or technical assistance, email or call the office.
  6. Students who have a planned absence, their parents, or guardians can contact the office ahead of time to avoid receiving an automated call, email, and text.
  7. Students who will be out for more than 3 days (either from illness, injury, vacation, etc.) can be placed on Short-Term Independent Study. Please contact the office for assistance.
  8. The majority of our students have at least one class at Arcata High School, which also has an automated attendance system set up in the same way as described above. For days where students have both SRCHS and AHS classes, you may receive a call, text, and email from both schools. However, the Six Rivers office can assist you with clearing all absences, even at AHS.

If a student tests positive at school (or was known to be at school when they were symptomatic prior to the positive test) we will run through our protocols:

  1. Who will be deemed to be a close contact of the positive student? Close contacts were within 6 feet of the positive students for more than 15 minutes that day.
    1. Fully vaccinated students - Will monitor for symptoms and stay home if symptoms occur. Staff will rapid test students 3-5 days from the exposure.

    2. Unvaccinated students (if close contact occurs at school in a supervised setting) - Will monitor for symptoms and stay home if symptoms occur. Staff will rapid test students the first day and again 3-5 days from the exposure. Unvaccinated students will be placed on modified quarantine, so they can come to school if symptom-free but no extracurricular activities while on modified quarantine.

  2. When a student tests positive, they will need to quarantine for 10 days from the positive test date (vaccinated or unvaccinated). Parents are asked to please let the office know and they can be placed on Short-Term independent study (collecting work from their classes) while they are out.

Athletics at AHS

  1. AHS is testing students who are participating in Athletics.

  2. Teams participating in preseason contests where the other school(s) have not tested their athletes will test the entire team following the competition (vaccinated and unvaccinated players and coaches).

  1. Unvaccinated players will follow the weekly testing protocols, testing twice a week (Monday & Wednesday), during their season of sport.

  2. Masks must be worn by players, staff, and spectators for indoor sports (Volleyball). Masks must be worn by staff, players on the sidelines, and spectators for all outdoor sports.


COVID Reminders and Resources:

  1. If your child is ill or showing any symptoms of COVID,  do not send them to school. Students returning to school following an illness are expected to be rapid tested on the morning they return.

  2. Indoor masking is required for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors at K-12 schools regardless of vaccination status. Students have done a great job in wearing appropriate masks indoors.

  3. Students must eat outside or in designated areas and maintain safe distancing. It is important that students don’t become complacent in the safety protocols.

  4. Six Rivers has a plentiful supply of masks to share with students, staff, and visitors.

  5.  NOHUM  will be following California Department of Health Guidelines for schools.

  6. Another helpful resource to review is - K-12 Schools Guidance 2021-2022 Questions & Answers.

  7. COVID-19 Positive Test in Classroom Flow Sheet  (HCOE flowchart)


Thanks for taking the time to examine this email in detail. Six Rivers is dedicated to building a safe a supportive learning community. Communication is key to achieving our goals. 
It is good to be a Pirate!
Ron Perry
Six Rivers Charter High School
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