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Additional Courses

The following details about our Additional Courses can be found in our Course Catalog. Here is some information of what students can expect from these classes while attending Six Rivers.
9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Grades (Year Course)
Students will develop study skills essential to academic success in a positive, supportive environment. Students will learn note taking skills, time management, organization, and study techniques. Individualized homework support will also be provided.

12th Grade (Year Course)
The Senior Project class has three goals.  First, each student will complete a service project benefiting the school, community, or other social or educational institution.  Part of class time is devoted to planning and developing the project.  We will watch a few documentaries concerning issues that face our local, national, and global community to help students generate project topics.  Second, the class will focus on career and college planning, including applying for colleges and financial aid.  Students will also investigate several career paths.  Last, the seniors will be focusing on personal and social development.

11th and 12th Grades (Year Course)
Enrollment requires consent of the appropriate teacher, administrator and counselor prior to registration for the ensuing year.
Grades will be based on attendance, punctuality and the development of skills used in the office or classroom.  Skills to be developed include, but are not limited to, reception, intercom, typing, filing, attendance accounting, etc.