Additional Courses

The following details about our Additional Courses can be found in our Course Catalog. Here is some information of what students can expect from these classes while attending Six Rivers.
9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Grades (Year Course)
Students will develop study skills essential to academic success in a positive, supportive environment. Students will learn note taking skills, time management, organization, and study techniques. Individualized homework support will also be provided.

12th Grade (Year Course)
Overall the Senior Project class has three main goals.  First, each student completes a service learning project benefiting the school, community, or other social or educational institution. Part of class time is devoted to planning and developing their project. Second, the class focuses on career and college planning, including applying for colleges and financial aid. Students also investigate several career paths.  Lastly, the seniors focus on personal and social development as well as practical life learning (keynote speakers have included Human resources (resume and interview skills), Rental applications, Health care and taxes-really anything that helps students understand how to successfully enter the "real world" after high school.  
In addition, throughout the year the class will hold fundraisers and will plan for their Senior Trip.  For their first fundraiser, the Senior class helps to plan the Winter Performance for Six Rivers.  This includes a silent auction fundraiser, appetizers and more. 
9th, 10th, 11th, 12th (Year Course)
This class consists of the Pirate Council officers, elected class officers, and appointed representatives from the student body. This is a project based course aimed at increasing students’ leadership capabilities. Through the planning and execution of numerous events for the school, students will discover how to best effect change in their communities. Students will learn to communicate effectively as they work through real world issues that arise from planning and implementing projects. Part of being in leadership requires students to attend 8th grade orientation, give 8th grade outreach presentations, help plan Term assemblies and partner with Six Rivers staff for other events as necessary.

11th and 12th Grades (Year Course)
Enrollment requires consent of the appropriate teacher, administrator and counselor prior to registration for the ensuing year.
Grades will be based on attendance, punctuality and the development of skills used in the office or classroom.  Skills to be developed include, but are not limited to, reception, intercom, typing, filing, attendance accounting, etc.