College Courses

Six Rivers students interested in enhancing their educational experience and or preparing for college and career opportunities, can elect to enroll concurrently in college courses with approval of the principal. 

Though there are a myriad of online college courses to consider, nearly all Six Rivers students who enroll concurrently do so at College of the Redwoods (CR). To aid those interested in concurrent enrollment, consider the following. 
College of the Redwood academic counselors have suggested the following steps for interested Six Rivers students which can all be found on the CR website. 
  1. Apply to College of the Redwoods using our online application.
  2. Complete and submit a Concurrent Enrollment Form.
  3. Register for the classes via WebAdvisor.  

To find out more about the process and find contact information for a CR academic counselor visit the admissions page for high school students

NHUHSD will grant 3 1/3 high school units per college semester unit and 2.2 high school units per college quarter unit passed up to a maximum of 20 high school credits (six college credits equals 20 high school credits).  Any college courses taken after a student has reached the allowable maximum of 20 credits will be granted credit on a one-to-one basis.  For example, a two-unit college course will be given two high school units.  College courses taken after a student has reached the allowable maximum of 20 units can receive honors credit with the approval of the administration.  College classes may not be used to fulfill a NHUHSD graduation subject requirement.  Courses taken at college will be counted toward the high school GPA.  Special high school programs held on college campuses are not eligible for the 3 1/3 conversion rate as they are high school courses (i.e. Upward Bound, etc.)  Students taking college courses may choose to receive college credit only. 
College Courses may only be taken when one of the Northern Humboldt Union High School District schools does not offer the same or equivalent course or it is available in a student’s schedule.