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Principal's Message

Students and Parents:

I am proud to lead the crew at Six Rivers. Launched in 2003, Six Rivers was created to provide an exciting option for students looking for a school featuring Rigorous Curriculum, a Nurturing Learning Community, and the opportunities to explore and discover a wide variety of courses. Six Rivers has become that place. Consider the facts:

  • All courses at Six Rivers are College Prep. Each is taught by highly qualified teachers. Courses at Six Rivers include AP opportunities and full lab science classes.
  • The Six Rivers is a tight knit and supportive learning community. With just 100 students in all, class sizes are small, and staff knows each and every student.
  • Six Rivers offers exciting elective opportunities including art, drama, journalism, and landscaping. In addition, Six Rivers’ students have access to courses at Arcata High School. So, Six Rivers students can extend their education through classes like French 4, Arcata Arts Institute or Metal Shop. Six Rivers Students can even compete on AHS teams.

In my opinion, Six Rivers offers the best possible learning environment for students as it features the beneficial nurturing aspects of a small school and access to robust course offerings.

At the heart of Six Rivers philosophy is the mission statement which reads,

“Through communication, collaboration, and critical thinking, Six Rivers is a community that strengthens dependent learners into independent and interdependent learners. In valuing the whole student, Six Rivers provides opportunities for success within and beyond school.”

This mission statement was crafted collaboratively by students, teachers and parents and lies at the heart of our school accreditation plan and our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). The mission is driven by Six Rivers’ emphasis on the “High C’s” - communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and community. With this in mind, Six Rivers actively seeks the input of students through our Pirate Council and Parents though the Parent Advisory Committee.

Simply put, Six Rivers balances the benefits of a small charter school with college-prep course work, and the elective opportunities of a comprehensive high school.

I count myself lucky to be at Six Rivers. It is good to be a pirate.

Ron Perry