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Science Department

The following details about our Science Program can be found in our Course Catalog. Here is some information of what students can expect from their Science Classes while attending Six Rivers.
9th Grade (Year Course)
Description pending. This course replaces and combines the previously Tech Essentials 1 and Health classes.

9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Grades (Year Course)
Meets both UC and CSU Entrance Requirements and fulfills Life Science Graduation Requirement
AR Biology is a college preparatory course focused on the study of life. Students apply their knowledge of life science in community based projects relating to watershed restoration, gardening and creating a zero-impact school.   Class projects are numerous and include recombinant DNA and DNA fingerprinting studies.  The foundation of student learning is built through examining evolution, ecology, genetics, immunology and human physiology.  This course focuses on the nature of science, how the study of biology relates to local issues and on building the academic skills required for success in college.

10th, 11th and 12th Grades (Year Course)
Fulfills Physical Science Graduation Requirement
AR Chemistry is a college preparatory course focused on the study of matter.  Students apply their knowledge of chemistry to determine the cause of a fish kill, design a coin, create an advertisement for an alternative fuel vehicle and to analyze policies which may affect the atmosphere.  Students continue to improve their academic skill base as well as their understanding of the nature and processes of science. Students learn chemistry through experimentation and laboratory exercises, relating abstract understanding to what they actually observe in the laboratory.