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Social Science Program

The following details about our Social Science Program can be found in our Course Catalog. Here is some information of what students can expect from their Social Science Classes while attending Six Rivers.
10th Grade (Year Course)
College Prep course designed to take students through the creation of the Western World all the way up through the Cold War.  A heavy emphasis will be placed on the influence of Western Culture on our world today and the situations that have arisen due to this process.  Students will be expected to develop analytical skills in their approach to World History and develop their own historical lens.  The class will culminate in a global fair, where students will present examples of modern issues that require our attention, using the skills of analysis and objective thinking developed throughout the year.

11th Grade (Year Course)
College Prep course designed to take students from the War of Independence up through the current state of our country.  Class will focus heavily on the 20th century as well as common themes that have arisen in our country throughout its history (politics, foreign policy, economics, and civil rights).  Students will be expected to apply their critical thinking skills throughout the course in a number of ways including, essays, research projects, group projects and individual presentations.  A focus will be placed on developing independent thinking as an approach to class work and school in general.

11th Grade (Year Course)
Requires signed Advanced Placement Course Enrollment Parent Notification/ Agreement.
Designed as a college level course, this class will focus in greater detail the events, themes and people that have shaped our country.  This class is designed to build towards the AP exam, which takes place every May.  Specific emphasis in this class will be placed on essay writing skills, analytical skills and student reading.  Students who enroll in this class should prepare to read and study in the summer months leading up to their AP year in preparation for the class and test.

12th Grade (Semester Course Paired with Economics)
The Government course centers around the question of the public’s role and influence in our representative democracy with an emphasis on alternative political ideologies.  Students will apply their knowledge of representative democracy and their understanding of the political spectrums to analyze the development and day-to-day actions of our current State and Federal Governments.
12th Grade (Semester Course Paired with American Government)
This course will focus on Economics with an emphasis on the real world applications of economics (taxes, loans, investing) as well as a broader look at the current economic state of our country and the different political, social and economic variables that affect it.
GOVERNMENT ADVANCED PLACEMENT (AP)                                          
12th Grade (Year Course)
Requires signed Advanced Placement Course Enrollment Parent Notification/Agreement. 
AP Government is a 2 semester college level course designed to take students through theory, structure and functions of Governments at all levels including; Federal, State and Local.  Students will learn the process of elections at all levels of Government and the role of people in that process.  Students will compare and contrast governments around the globe as well as within the United States.  This class is designed to prepare students to take the AP Government and Politics Exam and thus the course work is designed to be rigorous and challenging. This course satisfies both the government and economics course graduation requirements.