About Me

        Meghan Froloff (aka Fro) grew up in San Mateo, California. She moved to Humboldt Country in fall of 2005 to study Literature and News/Editorial Journalism at Humboldt State University. After graduation, Fro joined AmeriCorps where she served the students of Eureka High School and Zoe Barnum High School for two years.

        Fro's time with AmeriCorps inspired her to pursue her teaching credential, which she earned from Humboldt State University while student teaching at Six Rivers Charter High School. In 2011, Fro was officially hired on as an English teacher at SRCHS. Fro continues to love working at Six Rivers where she teaches English 1, English 2, English 3/3AP, English 4/4AP, Study Skills, Journalism, and some independent study classes.


0 Block: Journalism

1 Block: English 2 CP

2 Block: English 3 CP/ 3 AP

3 Block: English 4 CP/ 4 AP

4th Period: English 1 CP

5th Period: Prep

6th Period: Study Skills