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Students who have not yet applied for free or reduced meals are also enthusiastically invited to apply now. Your participation not only benefits you with nutritious and convenient breakfasts and lunches at low or no cost, but also may help you qualify for need-based scholarships and college financial aid. Many families are surprised to find that the income requirements for receiving the meal programs are higher than they expected and that they do indeed qualify when they thought they wouldn't. In addition, our school receives funding based partly on National School Lunch Program participation, so every application helps Six Rivers receive its fair share of school funding.

Students may apply for free meals or reduced priced meals by submitting a “2016-17 Northern Humboldt Union High S.D. Application for Free and Reduced-Price Meals” to the SRCHS Office. Applications may be submitted at any time during the year. Applications are available in the Office or for printing by clicking on the attachment below. Your printed, filled-out copy will need to be turned in to the Office. If you have questions about the application or about the program in general, you may contact the NSLP Application Manager Laura Edwards at 707-839-6402


You may access the application by clicking on the attachment, NSLP Application